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Meet Willow's Pre-K Parent Education Coordinator

Hi! I'm Mrs. Tikia Kidd, I love working with young children and their families. I taught for over 15 years and I’m always amazed by the progress students make while exploring, learning, and having fun! My son completed Willow’s Pre-K Program, which helped prepare him for a very successful kindergarten year. As the Parent Education Coordinator, it is my goal to keep abreast of student needs and requirements by partnering with parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure those needs are met. Parents, you are a key component of our program, without you there is no program.

Please feel free to contact me at:708-971-0337 or


Personal Note: 

I am a mom, a wife, a daughter and a sister, in that order. :)  I have two beautiful children an 8-year-old daughter and a soon to be 7-year-old son. My children are very special to me as both are very unique. My daughter is very creative, caring, loves to laugh, shy and intelligent. While my son is intelligent, very social, active, funny and has a skin condition called Albinism. (Al-bin-ism. :) I am a true advocate for albinism awareness, please feel free to ask any questions.