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Mrs. McGrory

Hello! I am so excited to be the Character Development Teacher here at Willow School. I will be helping to implement District 153's Social-Emotional curriculum. I will be visiting each Kindergarten and 1st grade classroom once a week to teach SEL. I believe very strongly in the importance of Social-Emotional learning in school, especially in these early formative years!
About Me
My name is Beth McGrory and this is my second year as Willow's Character Development Teacher. I may be a familiar face to Willow parents and students. Before I was in this role, I was an instructional assistant in the Early Childhood classroom, and I also taught PE on a part-time basis for a couple of years. Before my career at Willow I was a second and third grade classroom teacher in Chicago. I live in nearby Flossmoor with my husband and three children. 
What is Social-Emotional Education?
It is a curriculum designed to increase students' school success and decrease problem behaviors by promoting social-emotional competence and self-regulation. It teaches skills that strengthen students' ability to learn, have  empathy, manage emotions, and solve problems. Equipping your child with these skills will create a safer, more respectful learning environment that promotes school success for all!
SEL Wednesday, January 27th
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