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1st Grade

The First Grade Team:
  • Mary Alspaugh
  • Tamika Bledsoe-Madden
  • Clark Carey
  • Shannon Cotter
  • Angela Foster
  • Lauren Graham
  • Chaundra Harrison
  • Kim Homrich
  • Brenda Johnson
  • Armando Lopez
  • Shannon Martin
  • Kaila McLauren
  • Colleen Spain
  • Barb Van Etten
  • Anne Wallace
Welcome to First Grade!

You will be amazed at how much your child will learn and grow this year. It is an exciting time as your child embarks upon new adventures in the world of learning.

Willow first grade teachers believe that children experience success when they have a positive attitude and an enriching environment. Maintaining and promoting each student’s self esteem and building a secure foundation for future growth is our priority.

A strong family-teacher partnership helps ensure a child’s success at school. We encourage families to communicate often with their child’s teacher. Children are our future and what we do with them today will affect tomorrow.

Willow’s First Grade Team