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About Willow School's Music Program


Willow students in grades 1-2 see music teacher Mrs. Riedel for 30 minutes twice each week. Pre-School, Early Childhood, and kindergarten students attend music classes for 30 minutes once each week.


Throughout the school year students focus on various concepts under the umbrellas of melody and rhythm in the music classroom. We work on and learn these concepts utilizing both Orff and Kodaly methods of music education, often seen through the use of different activities, games, and playing of instruments. Along the way students will discover their own singing voice and grow comfortable using it on a weekly basis while also constantly growing their personal song repertoire. We will also focus on how music is there in our everyday life and grow to build an appreciation for it, along with a knowledge of how to maintain it in our lives as we grow. Most importantly we will work to foster a music making community where students at every level feel comfortable and excited to participate and can continuously learn new skills to help them grow as musicians!

About Willow School's Art Program


At Willow School, students in Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade all receive art once a week with Mr. Slivka. Although our time is limited together during each week, the students get a formal introduction to art production, art criticism, art history and the development of art appreciation for a lifetime.


Since one of the current trends in art education is to connect the art curriculum with other disciplines (aka interdisciplinary connections), most of our projects will connect to other subjects the kids learn in school. We read stories to introduce art projects, experiment with art supplies to create something new and utilize techniques that would be used in a math lesson to help develop our art-making skills. Technology is also a growing component in early art education and we use the Smart Board and Elmo document camera to make each art lesson more effective. Students begin with a basic, yet appropriate art curriculum in kindergarten and we build upon those acquired skills and knowledge in first and second grade to become better artists!

About Willow School's Physical Education Program


Our Wildcats experience PE every day. Mrs. Klyn, Mrs. Mastela and Mrs. Slager work together as a team to create a learning environment that is fun and safe for physical activity.


Throughout the school year, the students participate in various activities involving the five categories of proficiency that Homewood School District 153 has determined to be essential to our students’ physical education development. These categories include: ball skills, rhythmic/dance skills, manipulatives, locomotor skills and fitness. Each area involves a variety of fundamental and complex skills, lead-up games, cooperative and individual activities, as well as cognitive skills.


We strive to provide a well-rounded curriculum by learning new and innovative ideas and concepts to implement into our P.E. program by attending state P.E. and Health conventions and other related workshops. We want the students at Willow school to enjoy exercise and movement and benefit from our program.


As stated in the Willow school handbook, proper attire includes a pair of clean gym shoes to be kept at school, if possible, and a pair of shorts for girls who wear skirts or dresses during P.E. class. Also, if your child needs to be excused from participation, please send a written note with the child. If the child is excused by a physician, please send a copy of the doctor’s note to his or her physical education teacher.