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2nd Grade

The Second Grade Team:
  • Patti Jo Boehm
  • Patti DeBoer
  • Heather Fraser
  • Michelle Klupchak
  • Jessica Mucha
  • Ben Packard
  • Ryan Robertson
  • Christen Vazquez
  • Darlene Gallaher
  • Tamika Bledsoe
  • Brittany Bilbrew
  • Melvina Chamberlain
  • Christine Fitzgerald
  • Doug Raffety
Welcome to Second Grade!

We are a team of nine teachers looking forward to working with you, your child and your family. Your second grader is now among the oldest in our building. We do expect your child to set a good example for all children at Willow School. Like the rest of the school we follow the Willow Way:
  • Be Safe
  • Be Caring
  • Be Respectful
Second grade is an eventful year. Reading, spelling and grammar are taught as integrated units. Here at Willow we use the Everyday Math curriculum. Science and social studies are a part of our curriculum and field trips are extensions of these programs. As we prepare your child for third grade we are implementing a writing program which will improve their writing skills and help prepare your child for the ISAT exams administered in 3rd grade.

We do so many exciting things in second grade. Throughtout the year we will:
  • have a pig organ demonstration
  • have a Native American Presentation
  • go on a trip to Pilcher Park
  • attend a local theater
  • visit a dairy farm
  • tour Homewood
The Second Grade Teachers at Willow School