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Food Policy

With increasing number of food allergies and the overall goal of providing a healthy environment for our students, we have adopted the following procedures:

Holiday Celebrations: Halloween, Winter, and Valentine’s Day

Holiday party snacks will be provided by our district’s food service. By providing food through our own food service, we can be certain of the ingredients and alert parents prior to the party what will be served. Please do not send any edible treats to school to be shared with students.

Birthday Celebrations

Each student’s birthday is recognized and celebrated in the classroom as well as during morning announcements. Students are welcome to share a non-edible treat with classmates.
Classroom Celebrations

If food is a part of a classroom celebration (Thanksgiving feast, Chinese New Year, 100th Day of School, etc.) parents will be notified in advance about what will be served. If you prefer that your child not eat the food that is being served, please send an alternative snack for them.

Be Healthy, Be Smart

In an effort to educate students about healthy food choices, we offer small taste testings throughout the year. This takes place during the lunch time, and students are given information about the food in their classrooms. They have an opportunity to share their opinions about the food tasted. You will be notified of the food to be tasted in advance.

Thank You for Your Cooperation!

These added measures allow us to better ensure the safety of our students with allergies and provide healthy alternatives for all students. It remains our intention to celebrate special days with our students. We just want to shift the emphasis away from food. By modifying our food policies, we can ensure that these events are not only fun, but most importantly, safe for our students.

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