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User Name: Willow
Password: WillowSchool
Here at the Willow Library we will continue to reinforce the good habits your child has learned at home and while visiting the public library:
     *  How to handle books carefully
     *  How to keep books in a safe place
     *  How to return books to the library on time
As well as:
     *  Examining the parts of a book
     *  The job of the author/illustrator
     *  Identifying the elements of a story
     *  Exploring the  many genres
Students in pre-k, kindergarten and first grade may
select one book each week.  Second grade students
may select two books each week. 
All library books are due the day before your child's
library day.  Returning the items at that time allows
us to check in the books in prior to your child's visit.
Students who have overdue books will not be able
to check out any books until everything has been returned. 
Charges will be assessed for all lost and damaged items. 
Parents or guardians will be responsible for the assessed
charges regarding lost and/or damaged items.  Your child
will not be allowed to check out any additional books
until the account has been cleared. 
Please designate a special pocket in your child's backpack for library books.  Library books should not be stored in the same area as snacks and drinks. 

Coming Soon...The adventure continues...